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Aug 20

Anonymous said: Ben glitches and fuzzes every time he's around Slenderman.

your-fearless-leader-pantskat said: Jeff hates celebrating his birthday and doesn't want anyone to make a big deal out of it. If anyone were to throw him a party he would walk out

Aug 9

your-fearless-leader-pantskat said: Slenderman is Lord of Space since Lords are the most powerful class and have the powers of every class and pretty much complete control of their aspect. On the same note, Zalgo is Lord of Doom

Aug 8

Anonymous said: While Jeff has no fear of knives or instruments of torture, he finds humans/humanoids with sharp teeth or long claws to be unsettling. It explains why he's not overly fond of Eyeless Jack and the Rake. And yes, it does mean he is a little scared of vampires, even though he knows they're fictional.

Aug 7

diabolicalpoptart said: New Zalgo headcanon: He sounds like captain jack sparrow when he talks.

Aug 5

Anonymous said: That anon that asked about crossovers is cool. I've had this headcanon where Clockwork is a Mage of Time. Since Mages know everything about their aspect and it's influence, but they're also negatively affected by it.

The Creepypasta realm’s air is als0 different t0 that 0f the air in the Real W0rld. While harb0uring the same 0xygen and Carb0n Di0xide c0mp0unds it als0 h0lds a chemical which taps int0 the human subc0nci0us and makes them feel uneasy.
When a human enters the Creepypasta realm 0r gets t00 cl0se t0 an entrance, they sh0uld feel an 0verp0wering feeling 0f nerv0usness, anxiety and/0r fear. Pe0ple als0 feel abn0rmally fearful when standing cl0se t0 a Creepypasta, even if they d0 n0t yet kn0w 0f its true f0rm since this chemical tends t0 stick t0 hair, skin and cl0thes hence why y0u might rand0mly feel nerv0us al0ne at night. This chemical is less p0tent t0wards the center 0f the realm and is str0ngest where the tw0 w0rlds 0verlap in 0rder t0 ward 0ff curi0us animals and humans. Certain creatures are kn0wn t0 find the scent s00thing and as such they frequently make their h0mes near the edges 0f the realm. These creatures include: Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, The Rake and Seedeater.
Jeff the Killer, Jane the Killer, Sally and 0ther human-pastas tend t0 dislike cr0ssing between w0rlds and will stay in 0ne w0rld 0r the 0ther f0r l0ng peri0ds 0f time t0 av0id cr0ssing the thresh0ld.

shad0wflight34 said: The Creepypasta realm 0verlaps the Real W0rld and in certain places 0ne can step thr0ugh the veil. Many 0f these l0cati0ns are 0utlined in Creepypastas. As f0r the realm itself, it's very much like a living 0rganism which takes care 0f its inhabitants. It w0rks that every individual wh0 enters will find it perpetually dim, at night it turns very dark, but 0ne's eyes can still adjust h0wever what makes the Pasta realm unique is that it adjusts t0 each individuals eyes.

Jul 31

nataliecapicorn said: Eyeless jack likes its bloody *wink*

your-fearless-leader-pantskat said: In response to the other anons I love this cuz I have the headcanon that Jeff the Killer's god tier is Heir of Blood, because it has to do with bonds and family, or it could be literal. And it's speculated that heirs can "become" their aspect. There's a lot more to it though