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Sep 29


One of my Jeff the Killer headcanons is that Jeff was actually bullied his whole life for not being like the other boys. He was always more sensitive and emotional than them, which caused the others to make fun of him.

When he hit puberty, Jeff started to cover up his “girly” traits with an “I don’t care” attitude and occasional violence. Then he moved with his family to another town and well, we all know what happened after that.

Sep 20

Anonymous said: Do you like SnuffBomb in any sort of positive way?


This isn’t really related to the blog at all. So, we aren’t answering this. This blog is staying in neutral on the opinion about anyone in the Creepypasta/Marble Hornets/slenderverse/etc community. Thank you for understanding. Please refrain from asking questions like this in the future. (If you dislike/hate/like/love him, that’s your business. We don’t care.)

^This still applies even now, for this blog. Laughing Jack will continue to be accepted on this blog. 

Sep 18

Anonymous said: Masky, Hoodie, and Ticci Toby all love Forrest Gump for no reason.

Sep 11


I wonder if BEN likes milk, since Link does too…

Sep 10

Anonymous said: When Jeff is sad, he hides in his hoody.

Sep 9

More Laughing Jack Head canons from snuff bomb


  • Laughing Jack has no reflection
  • Laughing Jack is actually responsible for the London Jack the Ripper murders, they were some of his first kills after Isaac
  • LJ enjoys silent black and white films
  • He gets very territorial around other evil clowns

(via snuffbomb-deactivated20140920)

Anonymous said: The Puppeteer's veins glow, and his string things are connected to his veins.

Sep 7

The worst Laughing Jack theory EVER


It’s my own silly and probably totally wrong theory that Laughing Jack “grows” and molts his suit like a snake shedding its skin


 [[Someone stop me. Please. ]]


[[Someone stop me. Please. ]]


 [[On that note, I did a thing. A thing that I should have never done. ]]


[[On that note, I did a thing. A thing that I should have never done. ]]

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